#4: Raven

From Hells Angels to burlesque.

A Columbia Presbyterian nurse, then a drug counselor in the California prison system, Raven de la Croix busted loose as a burlesque star at the age of 32. She’d also spent eight years with the Hells Angels and starred in several Russ Meyer films. Here in the headliner’s dressing room of the Melody Burlesk, in 1982, the stripper prepares.

Josh interviews Raven at Melody Burlesk, 1982

About the Music in #4: Raven

This episode’s incidental music uses “The Honey Dripper—Part 2,” from Josh Alan Band. “Strippers Audition” from Josh’s album, The Worst!. And Josh’s 1988 single, “Thanksgiving at McDonald’s in Times Square.”